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Welcome To The Kinetic Framework

The Kinetic Framework is an extensible business and data layer framework. It is built as a set of CodeSmith templates. The templates generate a strongly typed C# domain model based off your SQL 2005 database schemas. Our code framework is a great way to get a custom development project off the ground on the right foot.


The Kinetic Framework was developed over many years and different types of projects (mostly large web applications). We are happy to be able to share the combined experiences of our consulting related to custom development frameworks with our clients and now the .Net open source community. Why The Kinetic Framework?


Get up to speed by using our reference documentation including a simple 3 step "How To" guide and advanced topics material. We also have a rough project Road Map if you are interested in our future development plans. We monitor the discussions so please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Code Samples

We now have a team that has started producing code samples for Kinetic Framework working against the AdventureWorks database. It is a constant work in progress. You can download the source at the The Kinetic Framework Samples.

Technical Requirements

In order to run these templates you will need to use CodeSmith v4 or greater. It costs $99 for their standard editon. There is a free trial version for 30 days which is plenty of time to get you going. The framework is designed to run against SQL 2005 databases.

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