DB design w/the Framework - Is Adventureworks a good guide?

Jun 29, 2008 at 7:21 PM

Folks -
I'm looking to tweak my db design to better fit the NuSoft Framework. Would looking at AdventureWorks be a good place to start?    I know it's not your db, but you do use it for your sample code, so I was just wondering... Could you comment on the semantic choices MS has made with AdventureWorks that jump out at me, and whether they are smooth fits with the Framework.

1. The use of multiple schemas  (Person, Production, Purchasing, Sales, Human Resources)
(I like the idea of organizing a large db like this)

2. Naming key columns with the "ID" suffix. (AddressID, StateProvinceID)
(I have an odd predilection toward the underscore.   Address_id, StateProvince_id etc.)  

3.  Calling the description field "Name" , and creating a UDDT called "Name"
(I still adhere to the "Don't use reserved words for anything" rule....Is this now considered an old wive's tale?  maybe I'm out of touch)

thanks again